The Yucatan

First view of Chetumal in Quintana Roo.
We went by speed boat from Belize.

Bus 4 Hrs to Tulum.
Long straight roads on the green dry pancake that is the Yucatan Peninsula.

Pueblo Tulum.

We moved down to the beach, to "Condesa" Very nice spot! Cabana on the beach!
Nice warm clear blue water & perfect white sand beach. A budget choice but still very
expensive for being Mexico, especially considering that you have to bring your own towel,
your own toilet paper AND your own toilet seat!...stinky stinky shared bathrooms & cold water only.

The locals.

Now that's a pretty sharp looking fella!

Check this guy out with the camera's fish eye effect turned on.

This Temple is for the Wind God ! How cool is that !
The bastards have cordoned off all the ruins so you can't actually enter to see them properly.
I really wanted to enter this one and leave an offering ! Bastards !
I would have offered my first born and only Son....maybe the wife too....?
My beach life would never have been the same again!... no more waiting for wind....EVER !

Many photos here of this coolest Temple in the World.
After all, the WIND God!!!!! That is so "hang on to yer hats" AWESOME !!!

And next door, the Temple of the DIVING GOD !!!
Was this place built by some great Samsara ancestor of mine or WHAT !!!??? I'm diggin this !

...and they close the ruins (17:00) just as the light is getting right!

As far as epic Maya sites go this one is not high on the scale but as far as settings go
this one is first class for sure, the only one on the coast. I have a feeling the Maya, Itza,
Aztec, Toltec etc. were not ocean oriented at all, quite inept at seafaring and boat building,
bush people mainly, so this is quite an unusual site, very late period too, just before the
Conquistadores came over and shafted everyone, a last gasp for some sea air before the Sun set
on their forlorn, curious culture.

The Incredible Cenotes!!!

Cenote Grande in Tulum.

No not Marcia.
The well-known "Dos Ojos" Cenote farther North.

Underwater pictures of the Cenotes & Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres, off the Cancun coast.

This end of the Island is where the action is.

Check out the underWater sand dunes !!! AMAZING !
Looks like the Bahamas.
The water looks great doesn't it ? but the diving is bad, pessimo !

Heading over to the Island by Ferry.
Took the aerial pics when returning from Cuba.

Mujeres is a nice place. Not so interesting, but nice.

Toddler jumping spot.

The North coast.

The water looks kinda clear but it aint.

That's where we're going next.

Senor Iggy.

Heading back to Cancun.

Cancun City is an average sort of small city, no attractions to speak of.

We got stuck here for awhile waiting for seats to Cuba.

Next door by the Sea (Cancun is inland) is the soulless wasteland
of the "Zona Hoteleira". That's where the tourists are.

Some people actually PAY for this...!

We just drove straight through, did not have the courage to get out of the car.
There are few places to stop even if you wanted to
and the Hotels monopolize the beach, you can't even get to it.

An extremely un-inspiring place indeed.

Coba & Chichen Itza