Parque National Archipielago Los Roques

Is a pretty atoll offshore from Caracas

The "Pelican Island"

Gran Roque is the only inhabited part of this coral atoll


Plaza Bolivar !

Even into the sunset the Pelicans are the main ( and only ) show in town

Thereīs some ok diving around some of the coast

Gran Roque from above

There are many other islans that you can escape to

Like ....Francisqui.

Some you are even allowed to camp on
This is probably your best bet if you want to avoid the greedy no value posadas on Grand Roque
who charge ridiculous amounts of $$$ for very basic rooms , even in low season...

Off the rim of the atoll the diving is good but not worldclass

Itīs a worthwhile place to visit....once.
Or even twice...if you can stand the ridiculous local pidgin

Isla Margarita

Is a relatively boring large dry island off eastern Venezuela with little of interest.

Lowish mountains...

with some greenery on top

Average beaches

with average people

Relaxing in the low season with good seafood on the beach

Some proud fisherwomen

And the rest of the crew

Itīs overall somewhat less developed than itīs reputation would suggest
with a few obvious ugly exceptions

And every town of course has a goddam PLAZA BOLIVAR !

Not an interesting island