Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI.
Providenciales, around the Island clockwise from Turtle Cove.

Full Moon Midnight arrival.

Unfortunately not mine ! patience..patience...

Turtle Cove Motel, only $100/night, cheapest place on the Island.

NOT a trolling boat, I assume.

A Turtle Cove Condo.

For the first time in my life I find myself in complete sympathy with the 'white picket fence' contingent!

Here's a new sequence in the -model walking along the beach with a plastic bag- swimsuit edition series.

Turtle Cove entrance.

Some nice Beach front houses.

Farther up 'the Bight' in Grace Bay.

Typical Bahamian Waters ! Crystal ! & 28 degrees Celsius or more.

The Center of Grace Bay.

The best place for a Condo investment seems to be this place,
the Ocean Club, in the Northern end of Grace Bay.

LEEWARD is a newly developed Canal Zone strategically located for Ocean access to other areas.

Leeward Port & 'Ferry' to North Caicos.

Heading to Long Bay.

The Water here in Long Bay is so shallow that it is Jacuzzi temperature !
Too Hot for swimming.

Probably the most expensive one in the world, about double/triple the prices up in Florida !
High end, almost Whole Foods-like.

The color of the Sea south of Provo is indescribably surreal !
It's an iridescent, electric turquoise !
Must be seen live! Photos do not do it justice.

The amazingly perfect and expansive 'Serendib" estate on the Turtle Tail Peninsula.

The DISCOVERY BAY area is the Island's "budget" area,
mainly because of second rate Ocean access.

The long exit through Turtle Lake canals to the Sea.

The COOPER JACK area. Basically same as Discovery Bay.

A perfect example of boring Bahamian terrain.

South Side Marina.

Next to the Airport are THE SETTLEMENTS, Five Cays.
This is where the workforce lives, in other words "the locals".

West of the above is the more salubrious and quite spectacular CHALK SOUND area.
Not to be missed, a strange Archipelago in a shallow fluorescent cyan Sea !
It is a National park.

Some reasonably decent housing can be found here.

This is Emerald Cay in Silly Creek, Chalk Sound. Upper middle Class...?

It is actually someone's private island.

That's the bridge over.

Mumin house !

Look ! Dirty water in T&C....?WTF?!!!!

The North-western area of the Island.

NorthWest Point resort.

This is a good spot to buy a cheaper condo in the most secluded part of Provo.

Vida Pura.

The Northwestern coast.

Local housing.

The BLUE HILLS area.

It's a "locals" area with more Churches than houses.
A true supersaturation of churches, worse than I have ever seen !
That is pull my willie horroshoo CREEPY!!!

A lookout in the BLUE MOUNTAIN area.
The mountain is MASSIVE, probably 20m high !!!
This IS arguably the best area of Provo to live.

Looking East towards Turtle Cove.

The Airport. Mission completed.

Overall verdict: Just too boring and expensive to live here, regardless of its strategic location on Earth,
its tax haven paradise, and good Ocean. It is of course an excellent place for millionaires to save on taxes,
no capital gains or income tax of any kind...BUT plenty of VAT & other taxes make T&C super expensive indeed !
There are many Kihei-Waileaesque areas but it is a poor Maui substitute...boring terrain....no mountains....
no waves to speak of...also 'smaller' than Maui and more artificial.
It is literally 10x more expensive to get in a scuba dive than next door in Cuba ($20 vs $200),
which has the same reef quality obviously (same place, geographically speaking).

Underwater pictures