Welcome to Tahiti


Outriggers are as plentiful as scooters in Vietnam

Manea´s place

Best buddies !?...


Miconia filled forests

Leaving Tahiti ,

for Moorea

The best food in the world !! poisson cru au lait de coco!!!


Kayaking in Bora Bora

The Tuamotus



Easy very level cycling.
The ocean is never more than 100m away.

Most people have oceanfront propertys!

Rushhour on mainstreet

The local transport

My future transport

Papeetee (the capital) is slightly bigger than Kahului
Had crappy weather the whole time ! ( i.e.muddy photos )
The most expensive place in the world.
No value for money.
Au revoir
(will return)

Rapa Nui

(Easter Island)

The capital is a boring place

The island has clear but lifeless waters

Their finest beach

They have a few of these stupid statues...

and a horse.

Hasta la vista
(will not return)