Tallinn ( Reval ), Estonia , the Pearl of Scandinavia.

Itīs old town is older and prettier than Stockholmīs and itīs only an hour ( 40 miles ) from my island by fastboat !
In fact on the island we brush our teeth at night in the warm friendly glow of Tallinn in the dark september sky.

The old town didn't look quite this nice during my last visit
shortly after the end of Soviet occupation 15 years ago.

Local Taxi.....is that progressive....or what !

Tallinn is a major amber capital

Funny superlong words are common here.
The estonian language sounds even more like japanese than finnish does !
( They are both related to Japanese )
but estonian sounds like a funny cocktail of the above mentioned plus some swedish thrown in...

Naissaar is one of a handful of islands off the Estonian coast.
The barren islandless coast is a stark contrast to the tens of thousands of islands on the finnish coast
just 40 miles away !