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Island life

( and family album )

Island scenery

Finland has the busiest and most challenging cruising grounds in the world.
180 000 islands and probably 10 x as many shallows !...a virtual minefield...

This arctic paradise apparently is the largest
(by quantity of islands) archipelago in the world !

The combined length of all shoreline in Finland is equal to
8 times around the world at the equator !

Our current transport.

Ingå village

Our berth & supply town

Late season...

Hästen och Sadeln

Svartbåda och Smörskar

Amazing Galapagos-like Cormorant colonies have arrived in Finland !

Our annual outing to see goofy outdoor summer theatrics at ancient Raseborg.

Midnight during midsummer and full moon in August.

The clan 2009


Story time by Uncle Ben.

Shrooms, berries n' critters.
Cogumelos, bagas e bichinhos.

Snakes n´Swans

That's a fattie !

Ben & dad don't like snakes.

A harmless Grass Snake.
Uma Cobra de agua de colar.

A deadly Viper !
Uma Vibora !....Mortal !

A Moose. Um Alce.

Cormorants & Deer. Um Viado.

Trouts n´Pikes

5.6 kg Seatrout and a 1 kg Perch.
Um Truta marisca e um Perca.

22 flounders in ONE net !

Jellyfish & WHALES !.....just kiddin.

Tadpoles !

Marcia pescando

Brandon Kung-Fu training in the sunset.

E mergulhando.

Gillnetting for Salmon.


Cheers...& Bon appetit.

The best food in the world !

Desserts are world class also.
Home made bilberry pie w island berries...mmmm
Torta de Mirtilo com bagas da Ilha....mmmmm

That´s the mango table I made on Maui.

The kitchen

The firewood factory

The shithouse and our freshwatersupply

The internet cafe´




Warm water combined with pollution produces nasty sometimes toxic
algae blooms that turn the normally clear water into pea soup !

Super low water, 2008.



The gym...

Our yearly Viking bonfire

The wreck

My marinarcheological excavation project. Discovered it in - 81

It was previously completely buried in the seafloor.

Age ? .....Iemanja´ only knows......

Dendrochronological dating techniques could not find a match ,
nor did I find anything in it to shed light on the matter.


Me & dad fishing around easter 1974. Our freshwater / drinkingwater pond still frozen solid.

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