The Algarve,

from East to West

The charming city of Tavira

And the little hamlet of Cacela velha

The coast of the eastern Algarve is quite flat compared to farther west and it has this sand barrier island just offshore.
This makes this part of the Algarve less than interesting, oceanwise.

Our hut on the beach.


Old town

The land of cheap fresh "vinho verde" wines! For $1 per bottle!!!

West of Faro starts the string of horrendous resort developments that dot the coast all the way to Lagos!
1st stop, the marina at Vilamoura.


And the horribly sterile holiday minicity Armação de Pera, followed by slightly more agreable cove villages beyond.

About here starts the famous Algarve coastline full of coves and hidden beaches among sometimes spectacular rocky relief.

A cool cove village around Carvoeira.



And Lagos, arguably the best base on the Algarve, the view from our budget room.

Then we discover a beach to the south called Praia de Dona Anna.
Oceanfront, same price as in the center. Easy choice.

There are lots of trails among the sea cliffs.

And some very private beaches.

And crumbly red sandstone.

The first town west of Lagos is Luz.

The coast more abandoned and much more enjoyable.

I think this is Salema.

Then we finally get to the interesting & wild west coast.

On this windswept point, the southwesternmost point in Europe, the Romans considered it the end of the World,
a sacred spot, Henry the navigator tought Vasco da Gama, Magalhães (Magellan) and Cabral the art of seafaring.
It was from here these great heroes and adventurers launched the first revolutionary long hulled Caravels
and set out to explore, discover and eventually control most of the known (and unknown) world !


Cabo de são Vicente, the most powerful lighthouse in Europe !

The port in Sagres......and yeah....some good but cold & mushy waves.

Praia do Castelejo.

Driving into Lisbon, seemed OK, until it became very apparent that it is a nightmare from hell to drive in this city,
so we abandoned our car.

Castelo de são Jorge up on a hill overlooking central Lisbon.

Vistas do castelo.

Sizewise Lisbon feels like Helsinki.

Corcovado (A Rio "redeemer" copy) and the Golden Gate...toghether!?



Ok, Portugal ....

  • It has two things in common with Spain......they´re both dry as hell.....and disgustingly catholic.

  • It is still a cheap and primitive country with low wages that produces little....except....cork....and Wine.

  • Portugese portugese sounds like a bizarre mixture of dutch, russian and Valenciano...!?
    Portugese pronounciation (as opposed to Brazilian) has the peculiar habit of replacing
    common Latin vowels (a,o,e...) with weird Scandinavian ones (å,ä,ö) that make it sound
    really bizarre and ridiculous as if the speaker was retarded or drunk...or both.
    That is when they don't decide to skip all vowels altogether, like when pronouncing
    the word "Portugal", they will say "Prrtgll" (with hard Spanish "R") hehehe...coool.

  • It is full of picturesque charming villages where nothing has changed for 500 yrs.

  • It has a very poorly signposted traffic system and a crap traffic culture like Spain and the rest of Europe.

  • Cheapest place in Europe to buy fresh tasty and simple vinho verde and superexpensive ports (for the pretenders).

  • Portugal 2008