New Zealand

After a rude welcome by unusually naive & incompetent immigration & customs officials (even by downunder standards),
this time even surpassing good old England, which traditionally has had the rudest & least intelligent staff,
we arrive in....


The Otago peninsula



Doubtful sound

Still frigid !

Milford sound

A cold & rainy version of northshore Molokai, SUBLIME !

The road to Queenstown


A very remote waterfall

The west coast

Endless roads through fern forests


Found my favorite winery, Cloudy Bay.

Kayaking the sounds

North Island

Brad's place

Lake Taupo

Some potential dive spots,

in the Coromandel peninsula.

That's your Kauripine, Steve. 15' in diameter !!!

The weirdest sand in the world is found on beaches west of Auckland.

Drove 10.000 km on the wrong side of the road !!!


Back in Auckland.

Fine Auckland neighbourhood &
center of town in charming Wanganui.

Wanganui countryside.

An excellent evening at the beach house !

On the way to Wellington.


Back at Hookah falls.

A few months later

Up the needle again.