but safe...

and almost pleasant...

in places.


Melaka = boring

Kuala Lumpur

The world's tallest buildings !

but still .....boring.

The Cameron highlands

The best part so far... taking tea over the plantations.

How bloody civilized !

and almost as nice...

as the pictures make it out to be.


Not a terribly interesting country , but troublefree traveling.
Monsoon = couldn't get to the islands.


The "bastard son-of-Jaws" pays a visit to Phuket !

Only first story absolute oceanfront was affected by the tsunami.
The beach palms barely took notice ?!?!

This is a week after. Contrary to sensasionalist mediareports , all is business as usual in Patong.
This is the oceanfront. Patong has not been wiped out. Tsunami impact on Phuket = minimal.
The hotels apparently haven't heard of the disaster as they're all still charging high season rates ! , as if nothing has happened.
But looking at 99% of patong nothing HAS happened.

Bloodmoney ! found in the bay during a few interesting " is that a skull or a coconut " freediving sessions
....mmmmm...Mangosteeen !