Photos of a drive through Europe during the winter of discontent, 2009/10.

The Baltic

On a freighter/ferry to Germany.

Grattis !!! 80 Śr !




In the Eurotunnel to England.

On another Ferry, in the bay of Biscay, to Spain, end of December.

The resident wine taster at work...analysing...analysing....approved !



Medieval splendour in the middle of France.


A picture of France.

Carrefour dinner.

A typical, perfect old European city, period.
Arguably France's finest.

Petit France

The Cathedral.

My golly Oh gosh !
It's more impressive than Barcelona's pride n joy which we saw a couple of days ago !
What marvelous folly man is capable of, when inspired by fantastic delusions of magical realms !
Imagine, I say (or was it John Lennon), just imagine, man some day building such inspired masterpieces
to praise reality or reason....hehehe...looking at this thing, one cannot avoid scratching one's head in awe at so much energy,
so much money and resources, so many generations, wasted, to build this castle in the sky which in the end was all for absolutely...
.....nothing (beyond propping up the God delusion, of course + a great sense of accomplishment, I suppose.) but it IS kinda like building
a 1000 mile highway to nowhere.....astonishing. Man's folly is never more acutely obvious than when you come face to face with
one of these marvels beit the pyramids of Egypt, the temples of Asia or this shack right here before us. HalleluuJah maan.

Alsace wines to go.




Depreeessing !...arghhh...

Here's some scary-ass driving up to Rostock.

The Ferry is delayed a day because of unpleasant weather conditions.

Back in Helsinki, -22 degrees. Depreeesssiiing....argggggghhhhh

Pictures of SNOW in Finland 2010