Western England 2008 link

Ooh, those endless beaches.

Home sweet home, in the summer......and in the winter.



Oasthouses for drying hops for making beer top many buildings.

Rye, count Draculas favourite lair.

There are still a few of his devotees hangin around town, waiting for the sun to set.

Another run of the mill kentish town center..............and our local pub.


The new house.

The new town, Hamstreet.

The new pub.

The new neighbourhood.

The land of the great Landrover Defender !

Så här ser Benis maraton träningsrutter ut.

Very Finland-looking.

The fabulous Ham Street woods !
Favourite hangout of the Blairwitch.






Dec 2009

Birthday dinner at the Manor.

The Marathon man.


My brother Ben braking the current world marathon speed record !

"The fastest Leprechaun in the world".
Beat the previously fastest Leprechaun by half an hour !!!
Now listed in the Guiness book of world records.


There aren´t many reasons to go to London, a very ordinary boring city, but here´s a few pics anyway
of course there is the natural history museum and a couple of others....

The best place in the world if you like musicals and Indian food !

The London eye and a telephonebooth next to the Big Ben.

The heart of central London, Hyde park.

Caribbean carneval.

Looks tropical doesn´t it, the coast of england !´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´God save the Queen !