This is a dangerous time to visit Colombia. Political violence is escalating, and rebels and bandits are targeting urban centres. Keep a low profile and pay close attention to consular advice and to local news. Theft is the most common danger, so take every precaution to keep belongings secure.Officially, there are 3000 abductions per year. Tourists aren't specifically targets, but cases have been reported. The police have a mixed reputation, so avoid them unless you need them. Criminals may impersonate police. An a more positive note, there is an increased number of tourist police.The area of reasonably safe travel is limited due to military activity. The entire area east of the Andes (except Leticia and its environs) should be avoided. Avoid off-the-beaten-track travel. Avoid demonstrations and political gatherings. Drugs, especially cocaine and its derivatives, are prevalent and you should never be found in possession of them. Don't accept drinks or cigarettes from strangers as they may be laced with borrachero, a tasteless, odourless soporific drug.There is also a risk of yellow fever along the coastal region of the northern state of Magdalena.


is cold as hell....like being in Europe...or Quito


Leaving bogota heading north

Ulupalakua...!! ?

I eventually arrived in the strangely sterile restored colonial town Barrichara.

My hospedaje. A nice large new modern room = $5/night.

Colombian breakfast

Marvellous views

of Hawaii like mountains.

Pleasant walks

Heading off to the even more forgotten colonial "ghosttown" Guane.

on a 10 km long 400 year old Spanish trail.

Didn't see a single human all day...

...except one.

bye bye

Heading down the mountains...

on a VERY scenic bus journey.

Along the way is another colonial "gem" called Giron.

..oon the road again...

towards the coast

The lowlands...it's tropical now.

A noname town in the middle of nowhere


...and wetlands...

...abound on the coast...it's quite flat & boring too.

Finally arriving in CARTAGENA !

Getsemani suburb...

has some splendid budget accomodation...

Leaving town

Heading for Venezuela

Through endless coastal slums



Petari , the largest slum in s.america has 1-2 M people in it !



on a cloudy day