Phnom Penh 2003

Not a very appealing place.

It has very few attractions

Except M60....and M16 , of course.

And a small cultural area.

Next , Sihanoukville on the coast.

Unfortunately Cambodia's coast is quite boring and has only murky waters.

So most people come here to do nothing at all...


Southern countryside

Next , leaving PP for Tonle Sap , the big lake in the middle of Cambodia.

Approaching Siem Reap

Arriving at the temples

Ankor Wat

The face of Cambodia today .... and yesterday.

Heading onwards...

in the boonies of Battambang.

I eventually find myself in a shithole called Pailin.

My most excellent bathroom... scored a great room todaay !!!

Full of cozy critters to keep me company...
this place doesn't smell so good...

Finally crossing over into Thailand, back to the luxurious developed world !
This border recently opened.