The Jag

1963 roadster.

The Bentley and the T-bird.
Classic car import-export, California to Europe, 1989.

And the surf-mobiles ~ 1990.
The Combi toured the Nation, Sea to shining Sea.
The Honda I drove without doors, hood or fenders & no license plate for 6 months
until I got the bits (often with my 357 revolver on the passenger seat),
never got pulled over, God bless the USA !

1994, my second Combi, a fantastic camper van.
Took it to Maui.

My home for months & months. Best car ever made.

Maui beach life, several hrs on the water every day.

In Bruce Lee mode, Hermosa bch.

California city 1989, the skydiving days.

Snow summit, great place ! Great times !

CDC (Commercial diving center, Collage of Oceaneering) in Wilmington, 1984.

At sea with Russ, and Stephanie -90.

Underwater LA, mostly off White point PV and Catalina.
That's John & Lina, Ed, Dave (Glickman), Jen, Sue, Julie ...?

Sailing Jalama beach. Catalina Island.


Sunken city, Point Fermin, San Pedro, home (1984-1991).
Cabrillo beach aka Hurricane gulch, my local sailing spot in the 1980s.

AYH (backpackers) 1990.

Hermosa beach.

LA from the top of PV & local pornstar Ben Diggler!
(naaa, that's my brother at USC, becoming an MBA business genius.)

2010, I'mm baaaack !

Belmont Shores, hasn't changed at all since 1984.

Pedro, minor changes.

Santa Monica, changed a LOT, 3rd street gone bonkers!


Hermosa, only slightly different. Same Same....but Differeent.

Hermosa & la Jolla.

2011, dropped by twice.

Brandon's back again at the San Pedro Aquarium.

And jogging on Hermosa beach.

2011 Pier shot.

Baja 1989.

A windsurfing & diving trip to Cabo (Mexico) & back
in a beat up Dodge van I bought off Ed for a few hundred bucks.
It kept breaking down & fixing itself in some very remote & inconvenient places...

New England 1990-92


Pictures of ME hiking in the White mountains
and going to Nantucket and at Cape Cod.

Rick & Jen, the quintessential American couple.

Boston at night. I lived in Allston.

Some uw shots from Marble Head to Arcadia in Main.