Cruzinha & Chã da Igreja

The journey begins from Ribeira Grande along the Ribeira Grande valley.

Arriving in the remote town Chã da Igreja

Walking to Cruzinha.

Deslumbrante pacaralho !

Ankor Wat !!!???

Yippeee, The SEA !!!


There ARE some surfing spots here around Cruzinha,
and you will definitely have the waves for yourself. I did not see nor hear of Surfers nor
Sailors while on Santo Antão, with the exception of one historic event in Cruzinhas fabled past
when some French (I think) sailors windsurfed the bay here on a big day.
I doubt anyone's been here (sailing/surfing) before or since that mythical event.

Cruzinha !

That's almost Inca quality stonework !

That white building is the only Hotel in this village.
Relatively expensive, full board only, of course, as there
is nowhere to eat or buy food in this serendipitous one horse "town".

Beyond town, this is where the "Kalalau"-like trail from Fontainhas comes in.
A few days spectacular walk I'm told.