Underwater photos of Belize

Entering Belize overland from Guatemala.

Belize City...

Even the Capital is a relaxed laid back place.

Boat out to Caye Caulker.

Belize City Seafront.

Caye Caulker

The first impression of Belize having just come from Guatemala is "Where did the hordes of the liars n scammers who
don't respect me as a human being and just want my money go ?". There's just one or two around now...yippeee.

Second impression: I can breathe clean air again. Out here on Caye Caulker there are mainly golf carts,
very few 3rd world internal combustion engines wrecking the atmosphere.

Third impression: "Am I in Fiji?". The money is called dollar and has the Queen on it, English is the official
language, but not the only one, rural housing looks very similar, the people are mostly black, it's laid back
and friendly albeit not nearly as friendly as Fiji.
(Spanish speaking locals = not friendly, English speaking black "Garifuna" = friendly, but often with a hidden agenda)
ex British colony, tropical blue waters....Deja Vu indeed.

Home Sweet Home, night & day.

All shops seem to be Chinese owned, the Hotels local or U.S. owned and the Guatemalans
seem to be represented as well, they brought their comfort food along with them !

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Oh maaan, this place is sooo overpriced ! The place is FULL of half-wit United Statsians paying twice as much as they should for everything !
Everything is 30% more expensive here than in Caye Caulker next door. Why? Dunno. It is in no way "better", just more artificial (like Florida).
This is the place gringos move to when they move to Belize. I had a quick look at some Realtor ads and had to laugh out loud.

Where exactly do these fuckwits think they are? Hawaii? the French Riviera?
They are asking 350.000 USD for a two bedroom Belize!???
.....BELIZE !!! fucking Central America !!!???? Very funny. Fuckwits indeed, the customers that is.
Hmmmm, maybe I could try to sell them this bridge I have in London....

Ambergris Caye seems to be created for one purpose only, to siphon as many dollars as possible off naive gringos, Its raison d'etre if you will.
The Sea life is nice but there is nothing else here, only a very un-traveled person would retire here, sorry Belize.
Note for next visit; Stay on Caye Caulker, don't go to San Pedro ! Or, Go to Glovers atoll to commune with the sea
and don't waste your time getting ripped off in the Cayes at all (it's cheaper overall and higher quality because of
direct access to blue water). Unfortunately we failed to connect with the weekly boat to Glovers this time.
That's the scoop.
Here are the photos.