THE AZORES , Hawaii´s forgotten counterpart in the atlantic.
Only slightly colder , with lots of open ocean similarities.
These islands have the feel of what hawaii might have been like a 100 yrs ago...
Quaint little villages abound on these by the masses yet undiscovered pearls !
The Azores are not even mentioned in any guidebooks , wich is bizarre ,
as they cover even the most remote parts of the 3rd world.Go figure....
What these islands lack though are beaches ( fine by me...I hate sand ) ,
waterfalls & rivers ( due to porous volcanic soil ), tradewinds for windsurfing ( too far north ) ,
and apparently surfingspots , although there are bound to be some good spots if you go looking for them.
The Azores are by far the best place in Europe.
There are some strange people in the Açores.

Settlement began here in 1439
Just for reference , S. Jorge is 56 km long , OK !
Position = approx. 38 N


Population 15.000
Area 173 km2

Horta , the capital of Faial , is the main pitstop for yachties sailing from Euope to America

Faial has a pretty green crater up on top

Early morning Horta

The central group is quite close together.In the distance you see Pico & São Jorge

That´s a Huuge Norfolk pine......................& a small dolphin.

The restaurant where all the crews hang out & leave memorabilia on the walls

The worldfamous YACHT GRAFFITI section !!!

As you may know , yachties have for decades been responsible for keeping Horta harbour artfully beautiful.

A few even leave their favorite t-shirts laminated to the dock

Brasil , Sweden & Hawaii absurd !

Now that Novatrix looks like a Jongert to me.......!? It even has my name on it !
and my brothers ! + a pawprint of the Nanicat !!!??? What the hell is goin'oon ?
It´s even flagged from that cool country where Jongerts are made !

Yep , there´s some very interesting and inspiring reading on these walls.
Unfortunately it seems the maximum life for a yachtie mural is about a decade or so......
The fact that Finland & Sweden have the most boats per capita of any country is well reflected here indeed !


Pop. 15.000
Area 447 km2

The highest mountain in Portugal = 2351 m , viewed from Faial

The eastern side

São Jorge

Pop. 9.500
Area 246 km2

This is a very long and narrow island.....the northern point.
There´s a section of this island that is a carbon copy (smaller version) of north shore Molokai , with Kalaupapa & all !!!



Area 62 km2


The cover of the welcome brochure said "The island of Jesus Christ" fucking creepy is THAT !
but once on the road that nervous twitch in my eyebrow disappeared right away...a delightful island indeed.

Pop. 58.000
Area 381 km2

Monte Brasil , by Angra do Heroismo

São Mateus da Calheta , close to our completely empty oceanfront hostel.........& downtown Angra

more Angra

The lack of beaches means an abundance of Croatian style concrete "beaches" & ocean pools

Apparently oceanfront land here is still only about a 100 grand ! , no cliffhouses here yet though.
Great opportunity for land speculation ?, if you´re planning on living a 100 yrs or so...

More awsome concrete beaches in south Maui like scenery

Vitoria , a pleasant town on the east coast

Moving upcountry ,

through winding roads lined with native flowers.

& generally beautiful scenery.

Some forest trails and even some rare lakes !

then up to the crater....

The crater , 1021m , has rare endemic bog ecosystems.

Off we go to have a look at the underwaterworld

Clear & Hawaii like , but lacking any warmwatercorals due to being at 38 degrees north.
Unfortunately also lacking coldwatercorals and it looks kinda barren & empty down there...( like Hawaii )
There are lots of cetacean & pelagic life to explore if you have the time & a boat...
Water temperatures are low 20s at their warmest ,so like coldest Hawaii wintertemperatures ,
lots warmer than mainland Portugal though.